He keeps  to the northern style of Chang Mai School, which has maintained continuity for 2500 years. As part of our TMS, he conducts both live seminars and online courses.

For 11 years teaches more than 4 000 students in Russia, India, Thailand and Europe.


I want to thank my mentors who changed my vision, my life.

I turned my world around Lama Oli Nydahl, giving techniques for working with emotions and meditation. For 6 years I was in Buddhism and traveled with him around the world, visiting 11 countries and about 80 courses and seminars.

Robert Ilinskas and Pavel Yanishevsky introduced me to the world of massage. At that time they were top masters in Russia.

But I consider my direct teacher to be the Risks of Writing. I periodically go to him in the north of Thailand, and each time I understand that I am still at the first stage of my development. His main instrument is the stick, with which he generously hits the students as soon as they fly out of the body into the mind.

At the Sivananda Ashram in Trivandrum (India) I was given the structure of yoga.

At Sai Baba and Amma, the ashram was filled with fortune.

There are places in India where I want to return. This is the natural approach clinic of Dr. Jag (Mysore, India) and the hereditary healer Narayana Murty, who showed an example of how useful you can be per unit of time. For a day he takes up to 2000 people.

Ogulov A.T. showed me the most valuable abdominal massage that I use most often. And Leonid Garzenstein made it clear that every pose during the day has an effect on us.

Trekhlebov A.V. and Pavel Gorbachev, sent me to the Vedas and Ayurveda, influencing all spheres of life. This picture was completed by Satya Das, Torsunov, Narushevich, Gadetsky, Targakov.

Schetinin M.P. and Amonashvili Sh.A. transformed me as a father for my children, conveying a humane approach to education and pedagogy.

Feeling through tantra helped me develop Natalya Eremenko, Vladimir Skazka, Daria Gabliya, Mahara.

There is a man in my life whom I remember when optimism falls and hands drop - this is Nick Vuychich. He inspires me with one thought about him. When I saw him live, I realized that "it's never too late."

Swami Dasha and Gennady Bobrov helped me separate me from my Ego.

I am grateful to all of them and hundreds of other mentors, teachers, friends. Neither books, nor university, nor my parents did not affect me like these people do. Thanks to their wisdom and experience, I changed my life and now I can touch the fate of other people.

  • Head of Thai Massage School;

  • Head of the School of Health (aum108.ru);

  • Certified massage therapist at Loi Kroh School (Chiang Mai, Thailand);

  • The direct student of the legendary teacher Riots Pishet (Chiang Mai, Thailand);

  • Visceral chiropractor of the school of Ogulov A. T .;

  • The first Russian student of the clinic of the natural approach and yoga therapy of Dr. Jaga (Mysore, India);

  • He studied at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanvantari Ashram (Trivandrum, India);

  • Hatha Yoga Wellness Instructor.

  • Yury Ulyanov
  • Yury Ulyanov
  • Yury Ulyanov
  • Yury Ulyanov

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